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 Afghan Telecom would like to inform all its customer the new price changes effective date from 1st Feb/2014  coinciding with 12 Dalwa 1392 as per below Price

Table: 1 For ISPs & GSM Operators (License holder):



New Monthly price ($) per Mbps


Non-Redundancy-Pakistan Route: at Kabul



Non-Redundancy- Iran Route



Non-Redundancy_Uzbakistan Route



Redundancy Service , wherever possible


Table: 2 for (Individual Customer)


Specification (Dedicated)

New Monthly Price ($)  per Mbps


Non Redundancy - Pakistan Route at kabul



Non Redundancy - Iran Route 

 USD 200$


Non Redundancy - Uzbakistan Route

USD 420$

4 Redundancy Service, wherever possible  USD 320$


International Capacity Service ( Capacity anywhere)

Service Description

  • Afghan Telecom International Capacity Solutions provides global connectivity and extended reach overcoming geographical boundaries. Afghan Telecom provides international capacities primarily over fiber cable systems.

International Private Leased circuit (IPLC)

Service Description

  • International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is a reliable, point-to-point network service for carriers and service providers. The IPLC solution supports a wide range of bandwidth options and interfaces, from E-1to STM-64.

    IPLC solutions provide high quality, cost-effective and efficient communications in a secure private network.

    Afghan Telecom offers protected and unprotected service and diversity options provisioned over a facilities-based network with extensive reach.

 Circuit Service (Commissioning)

  • Afghan Telecom gives the customer increased flexibility & commission the circuits.

Customer Benefits

Extended Reach & Flexibility

  • Flexibility through seamless connectivity over international submarine & terrestrial fibre cable systems, enabling the customers to build their international connectivity and operate confidently, supported by our technical teams.

Scalability and Reliability

  • Route diversity – no single point of failure
  • Short-time delivery of large range of capacities
  • 24x7x365 network monitoring and management

Cost Efficiency

  • Relief from large capital spending of laying submarine cable and operational cost




Internet Transit Service ( Gateway Transit)

Service Description

  • Afghan Telecom Wholesale Internet transit service provides high performance international as well as regional IP transit via Afghan Telecom internet Exchange nodes nationwide. Read More

Cross Border Transit Service ( Connecting Countries )

Service Description

  • Hard patched transit provides international operators with connectivity using Afghan Telecom’s cross border terrestrial network. This service meets the need for end-to-end, secured transmissions between geographically dispersed locations. Afghan Telecom commercial & successful fibre ring spanning more than 4,000 km nationwide, and enabling:Read More




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