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MOBIFONE is a prepaid SIM CARD from AFGHAN TELECOM for local & international calls & SMS. A MOBIFONE card costs AFS 150 ONLY & has 50 initial calling credit. Its valid for 2 years & can be recharged easily with the help of scratch cards & Me2u credit.

A MOBIFONE sleeky mobile with more than 6 days of talktime battery life, touch button speaker phone, colour display, recorder & lot of other benefits cost only 1500 AFN &  SIM Card for only 150 Afs.

Now avail Mobifone special numbers at 1000 Afs only
Silver numbers at 1500 Afs only
Golden numbers at 5000 Afs only
Diamond numbers at 40000 Afs only

It includes the following main services:

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller Identification
  • Call Forwarding
  • SMS

AFTEL RATES per minute

Rate per minute within AFTEL network is 1 AFN.
Rate per minute outside AFTEL network at all times is 3 AFN.
Rate per SMS within AFTEL network is 1 Afs.
Rate per SMS outside the network is 3 Afs.

 EXTRA TOP-UP services:

Family & Friends Promotion
Register for a Family & Friends Promotion by paying Only 7 AFN & talk for 700 Mins absolutely free Daily.
For complete details please click here

Corporate CUG Offer
Talk More & save more with Afghan Telecom Mobifone to talk & do business with your mobile. Whether talking to your colleagues, customers, vendors & any other person & be connected to them for free with AFTEL CUG offer for Mobifone customers only.

-MOBIFONE is available at all AFGHAN TELECOM centers and authorized dealers in all over AFGHANISTAN.






Dear Respected AFTEL Colleagues,
Wire-line section is glad to launch it is international promotion
for more than 80 Countries of the world at 5 Afs per minute without any
hidden charges. You are hereby requests to promulgate this promotion
to your friends, neighbors and relatives to utilize this benefit. 
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