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Biding of Router Cisco

Closing Date:17-Oct-2011


Biding of Printing Billboards

Closing Date:15-Oct-2011


Biding of Cell Phone

Closing Date:18-Oct-2011


Biding for Telephone Line

 Closing Date:16-Oct-2011


Telephones Line Network

Closing Date:15-Hut-1390


International Audit

Closing Date:20-Feb-2012


Umbrella for Promotions

Closing Date:11-July-2011


ESN Number For CDMA R-UIM Cards

Closing Date:07-July-2011


Solarwinds Software

Closing Date: 19-March-2012


Cisco Parts

Closing Date:11-August-2012

Spectrum Analyzer(100 KHZ7.5GHZ)

Closing Date:26-July-2012

Cisco 2811 Router

Closing Date:24-July-2012

Need for an International Audit

Closing Date:14-August-2012

Afghan Telecom GSM/3G Network

Tender Issue Date:        01-July-12

Pre-Bid Meeting Date:    24-July-12 Time: 9 am to 4:30 Pm Kabul time

Bid Submission Date:     26-August-2012 Time: 14:00 hours local time at Kabul

Bid Opening Date:          26-August-2012 Time: 14:00 hours local time at Kabul

CCNA Course Announcement

Requirements of CCNA Training

Closing Date:30-July-2012

Afghan Telecom Satellite Cellular Backhaul Network

Tender Issue Date:              22nd July, 2012

Pre-Bid meeting Date:         14th August, 2012, Time: 9 am to 2:00 pm Kabul time

Bid Submission Final Date:   17th Sep 2012, Time: 2:00 pm Kabul time

Bid Opening Date:                17th Sep 2012, Time: 2:00 pm Kabul time

Establish Telephone Line Networks

Closing Date:01-Otc-2012

Afghan Telecon Covergent Billing System

Tender Issue Date:24-Sep-2012

Per Bit Meeting Date:07-Nov-2012,Time 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Kabul time

Bid Opening Date:21-Nov-2012,Time 12:00 Hours local time of Kabul


Closing Date:05-Nov-2012

Afghan Telecom GSM-2G/3G Interim Management and Launch PMO

Closing Date:24-Nov-2012

Afghan Telecom 300 Sites Towers

Closing Date:05-Dec-2012

Afghan Telecom 300 Hughes Modems & Equipments

Closing Date:20-Nov-2012

Afghan Telecom Needs Windows 2008 Licenses & CYBeroam CR 300 Appliance

Tender Issue Date:31-Dec-2012

Bit Submission Date:13-Jan-2013

Bit Opening Date:13-Jan-2013

شرکت مخابراتی افغان تیلی کام به شش پایه جنرانور ضرورت دارد

Closing Date:22-Feb-2013

Bidding Date:21-Feb-2013

Local Time:10:00 AM

Location:AFTEL 4 Floor Conference Room

شرکت مخابراتی افغان تیلی کام به تعداد 154 قلم پرزه جات مختلف النوع را ضرورت دارد

Closing Date:23-Feb-2013

Bidding Date:24-Feb-2013

Local Time:10:00 AM

Location:AFTEL 4 Floor Conference Room

شرکت مخابراتی افغان تیلی کام برای یک سال جهت چاپ و دیجیتل افست قرار دادی ضرورت دارد

Closing Date:12-Feb-2013

Bidding Date:13-Feb-2013

Locat Time:10:00 AM

Location:AFTEL 4 Floor Conference Room

Afghan Telecom Solar HYbrid Power System in 195 Distrects

Tender Issue Date:12-Feb-2013

Pre-Bid Meeting Date:12-March-2013 Time:09:00 AM up to 02:00 PM

Bid Opening Date:12-Mrach-2013 Time:10:00 AM Local Time Of Kabul

Afghan Telecom-VCN Terminals & Parts Supply

Tender Issue Date:02-March-2013

Bid Opening Date:17-March-2013 Time:10:00 AM Local time Of Kabul

Afghan Telecom GSM SIM & Scratch Cards Offer

Tender Issue Date:09-March-2013

Pre-Bid Meeting Date:30-March-2013 Time:10:00 AM Local Time Of Kabul

Bid Opening Date:07-April-2013 Time:10:00 AM Afghanistan Time

Project:Afghan Telecom-SHIPS-02

Purpose:Suply,Installation,Commissioning Operation and maintenance of Solar HYbrid power system in 200 location Across of Afghanistan,

Afghan Telecom SHIPS 02

Tender Issue Date:21-April-2013

Pre-Bid Meeting Date:5-May-2013

Extended Bid Opening Date:19-May-2013

Project:Afghan Telecom Full services Advertising Agency-RFI

Purpose:All Interested Parties are requested to contact afghan telecom corporation procurment office for obtaining the RFI ducuments and making our RFI Afghan Telecom full services Advertising Agency RF,

Afghan Telecom Full Services Advertising Agency RFI

Tender Issue Date:24-April-2013

Bid Opening Date:18-May-2013


Purpose:Suply KU Band Space Segment Capacity Location Across Afghanistan

Invitation for Bids:MCIT-Sat-Space-Segment

Tender Issue Date:30-Jun-2013

Prebid Meeting date:17-July-2013

Bid Opening Date:24-July-2013

Aftel Needs to transport its shelters in defferent sites of GSM/TDF

Bidding Date:22-Sep-2013

Aftel Needs to build a teleshop in pulikhomri province

Bidding Date:24-Sep-2013

Aftel Needs to purchase 400KVA Regulator , QTY 1

Bidding Date:24-Sep-2013

Aftel Needs for its GSM/3G system content provider facilities

pre bid meeting Date:09-Sep-2013

Bidding Date:16-dep-2013

Aftel Needs to do the networking in all sites of Electronic ID Card Centers

Bidding Date:11-Sep-2013

MCIT-AFTEL-Web Filtreng-01

Tender Issue Date:03-Nov-2013

Pre Bid Meeting Date:27-Nov-2013

Bid Opening Date:09-Dec-2013

Supply Installation Commissioning

Tender Issue Date:30-Nov-2013

Pre Bid Meeting Date:15-Dec-2013

Bid Opening Date:29-Dec-2013

International Vioce and SMS

Tender Issue Date:30-Nov-2013

Pre Bid Meeting Date:17-Dec-2013

Bid Opening Date:24-Dec-2013


RFP Issue Date:12-Dec-2013

Pre Bid Meeting Date:25-Dec-2013

Bid Opening Date:12-Jan-2014



Pre Bid Meeting Date:01-Feb-2014

Bid Opening Date:05-Feb-2014



Afghan Telecom Needs 39 Cisco Parts

Tender Issue Date:12-May-2015

Bid Opening Date:27-May-2015

شرکت مخابراتی افغان تیلی کام جهت تهیه و تدارکات روغنیات سال 1395 خویش به شرکت قراردادی ضرورت دارد

روز افر گشائی 15-1-1395 ساعت 10 قبل از ظهر

شرکت مخابراتی افغان تیلی کام به تعداد 20 پایه کمپیوتر از طریق داوطلبی باز ضرورت دارد 

روز افرگشائی 22-1-1395 ساعت 10 قبل ازظهر

شرکت مخابراتی افغان تیلی کام به تداد 5 پایه سرور از طریق داوطلبی باز ضرورت دارد

روز افرگشائی 23-1-1395 ساعت 10 قبل از ظهر

شرکت مخابراتی افغان تیلی کام جهت خریداری سیستم ERP به RFI ضرورت دارد 

روز افرگشائی 24-1-1395 ساعت 10 قبل از ظهر





Dear Respected AFTEL Colleagues,
Wire-line section is glad to launch it is international promotion
for more than 80 Countries of the world at 5 Afs per minute without any
hidden charges. You are hereby requests to promulgate this promotion
to your friends, neighbors and relatives to utilize this benefit. 
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