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Board of Directors Afghan Telecom is clearly delivering results as it continues its journey of change, improvements in value for Money, continued growth of network capacity so more people are able to access and benefits of Telecommunications in a war torn Country, beside the improvements in customer services. We know that journey of change is not yet over, and we know there are areas of work needs to be developed; in both cases we are determined to succeed in becoming the customer centric competitive company customers will choose over competition, investors confidently invest in, and staff are proud to work for. The Board of Afghan Telecom is headed by the chairman to the Board, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT) Mohammad Fahim "Hashimi" & with him there are 5 Board members forming the Board of Committee of Afghan Telecom.

Masoumeh Khavari

Minister of MCIT (Chief Board Members)
‎Masoumeh Khavari, acting minister of communication and IT, was born in ‎‏1985‏‎ in an educated and ‎religious family in Dara-e-Suf upper district of Samangan province. ‎ She completed her primary education up to high school in‏‎ in migration and away from ‎home. And studied Turkish language at Ghazi University in Turkey in‎‏2005‏‎ and successfully ‎graduated. ‎ Mrs. Khavari, graduated from Ankara University, laboratory of Medical Sciences ‎‏2008. She ‎received her bachelor's degree in law and political science from Payame Noor University in ‎Kabul ‎‏2019‏‎. And is currently continuing a master's degree in management. She is fluent in ‎national languages and Turkish. ‎ After completing her studies acquiring sciences, she returned to the country to serve her ‎homeland and people. Mrs. Khavari served as the elected representative of the people of ‎Samangan province in the Afghan Parliament ‎‏2010‏‎-‎‏2016. ‏‎She recorded the honor of serving ‎the country and the people in her record. Meanwhile she was a member and secretary of the ‎‎“Commission for Justice and Administrative Affairs, Administrative Reform and Combating ‎Administrative and Moral Corruption” in the parliament. In addition to honest representation of the people in parliament, she has been a ‎member of the commission on human rights, civil society and women’s affairs. ‎ In ‎‏2013‏‎, Mrs. Khavari also worked as an advisor to the esteemed executive directorate of the ‎National Unity Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. ‎ In ‎‏2019‏‎, she was consulting the esteemed office of the Executive Directorate of the ‎National Unity Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.‎ Serving honestly to the people and the homeland has been one of the long-standing aspirations ‎of the Mrs. Khavari. Her work experience shows that commitment and perseverance, ‎fighting corruptions, creativity and determination in work are her personal characteristics. ‎ Mrs. Khavari’s services and active participation helped her to be recognized as one of the influential persons in political, economic, and social community. Based on Order of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Masoumeh Khavari was appointed as acting and nominated minister for the ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Ahmad Masood Latif Rai

Deputy Minister of Policy and Program
Ahmad Masood Latif-Rai son of Khalilullah Latif Rai was born in Kabul Province in 1986. He studied elementary school up to the 10th grade at Oxford School of Indus College, Peshawar, Pakistan, and completed eleventh and twelfth grades at the Peshawar College in Pakistan, in 2005. In 2006, he joined the University of Peshawar, Pakistan, where he earned a bachelor's degree in information technology by winning a gold medal. Due to his exceptional interest in continuing education, he obtained his master's degree in Informatics 1.3/5.0 German CGPA (equivalent to 94.7%) from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) in 2016. Having more than 15 years of extensive experience with a proven success record in different organizations in IT Policy Development, Management, Project Management, Administration, Database Design, Software Development, Teaching and Information Security, he learned the ability to have the vision and conceptualize long term perspectives, ability to manage many tasks simultaneously with strong attention to details besides enhanced interpersonal and Managerial skills. In 2011, he worked as a professor in the Department of Computing and Information Science at the Faculty of Computer Science, Kabul Polytechnic University, and from May 2010 to September 2012, was the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and IT at Salam University. From January 2012 to January 2014, he served as General Manager and MIS Manager, Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF-Headcount), World Bank Project, Ministry of Finance, Kabul, Afghanistan. From 2016 to 2018, after returning home from the master's program, Mr. Latif Rai has served as the head of Cyber Security and of the technical team of the Technical University of Berlin and the technical team of the Polytechnic University at the ITCC, Ministry of Higher Education. From 2018 to 2019, he worked as the head of the IT department of the Afghanistan Payment System (APS) at Da Afghanistan Bank. From September 7, 2009, to September 30, 2016, he worked as the head of government student affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education. Using Higher Education Management System (HELMS) e-ID infrastructure for parliamentary elections, use of foundation system - voter approval system, establishment of Research, Innovation and Consulting Center (KPU-CRIC) at Kabul Polytechnic University, national cyber security for Standardization of information security in Afghanistan and student reform program to simplify student affairs in the Ministry of Higher Education and Universities are among the programs and notes that have been sent to the relevant authorities by Mr. Latif Ray for implementation after the approval of the leadership of the government and related institutions. He has also been awarded more honors by reputable national and international institutions for better performance his duties. Ahmad Masood Latif Rai was appointed to the position of Deputy Minister of Information Technology, Communications and Science by Decree No. 759 of president dated 29/6/2020. He officially introduced to the Employees of this Ministry during a special ceremony.

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