Afghan Telecom provides a broad suite of services throughout Afghanistan- and globally- which includes but is not limited to; Wire line Telephone, Internet, Multi-media Connectivity, Video Conferencing, and Wholesale Internet transit through the latest technologies such as DSL, WiMAX, Fiber Optics & Microwave . Afghan Telecom Fiber Optic Network is directly connected to international fiber optic backbones through neighboring countries with capacity exceeding several Gigabytes- with redundant Internet bandwidth accessible through various routes- Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Iran- thus providing our customers greater than 99% internet availability. Afghan Telecom is therefore able to offer complete telecommunications solutions from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise-level corporations based in Afghanistan- all with high levels of performance, multi-media connectivity, Internet services, and extranet solutions- enabling customers to increase connectivity, productivity and profitability.

  • Afghan Telecom provides high-speed dedicated Internet Services through nationally-licensed WIMAX frequencies with zero interference, Microwave or our dedicated Direct Fiber Internet connectivity.
  • Afghan Telecom provides Media Connectivity through our Optical Fiber backbone ring- now corporate organization can connect their remote offices without paying exorbitantly-high satellite fees and experiencing unnecessary transmission delays.
    Fiber one timer NRC installation cost will be clear after the confirmation of OFC dept

 Based on current Market position, demand and approval of Acting Minister and Chairman/AFTEL Board of Directors,followings are monthly prices for GSM Operators:
  Implementation date is  effective from 29-Feb-2020 equivalent to 10-Hoot-1398.
TABLE: 1                                                              MONTHLY Whole Sale Prices for GSM
Last Updated: 2/29/2020
S:No NAME DESCRIPTION Per Mbps Price in USD Total Prices for Gbps in USD
1 Internet Access Per Mbps $40.82 $41.63
2 Internet Access 1024Mbps  (1Gbps) $39.80 $41,586.93
3 Internet Access 2048Mbps  (2Gbps) $38.78 $81,042.29
4 Internet Access 3072Mbps  (3Gbps) $37.76 $118,366.04
5 Internet Access 4096Mbps (4Gbps) $36.73 $153,516.41
6 Internet Access 5120Mbps (5Gbps) $35.71 $186,566.53
7 Internet Access 6144Mbps  (6Gbps) $34.69 $217,485.06
8 Internet Access 7168Mbps (7Gbps) $33.67 $246,272.00
9 Internet Access 8192Mbps (8Gbps) $32.65 $272,927.35
10 Internet Access 9216Mbps (9Gbps) $31.63 $291,526.53
11 Internet Access 10240 Mbps (10Gbps) $30.61 $319,843.27

Sr.No Province Availability
1 Kabul Yes
2 Balkh Yes
3 Kunduz Yes
4 Kandahar Yes
5 Zabul Yes
6 Paktia Yes