Fixed line (Digifone)

Fixed line (Digifone) is an exclusive product of Afghan Telecom Corporation which is being used for calls and internet services. This product provides its services through a digital Number and a telephone set, the benefits & excellence of fixed line (digifone) over other telecommunication networks are as follows.

  • For further information call to 333/020-3330333
  • Fixed line (digifone) can be used everywhere, even it gives services underground.
  • Fixe line (digifone) calling charges are low.
  • Fixed line (digifone) is a Value to the office and home.
  • Fixed line (digifone) is a guaranteed safe in terms of health.
  • Fixed line (digifone) provides unlimited Monthly internet with low charges.
  • Fixed line (digifone) Machine, doesn’t require any electricity to power on.
  • Fixed line (digifone) is well facilitated with IVR system (Voice Services) 24/7. And all the customers can easily access to the customer care through IVR system.
  • Fixed line (digifone) is easily transferrable to any location as per the requirement of the customers.
  • Fixed line (digifone) has launched the IMS Technology through which customers are able to make video calls with IMS Machines. This services is possible only with Afghan Telecom.
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