Board Of Directors

Afghan Telecom is clearly delivering results as it continues its journey of change, improvements in value for Money, continued growth of network capacity so more people are able to access and benefits of Telecommunications in a war torn Country, beside the improvements in customer services. We know that journey of change is not yet over, and we know there are areas of work needs to be developed; in both cases we are determined to succeed in becoming the customer centric competitive company customers will choose over competition, investors confidently invest in, and staff are proud to work for. The Board of Afghan Telecom is headed by the chairman to the Board, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology(MCIT) Abdul Razaq Vahidi & to him there are 4 Board members forming the Board of Committee of Afghan Telecom .

  • Abdul Razaq Vahidi,Minister of MCIT

    Chief Of Board

    H.E. Vahidi chose to be a lecturer in Esfahan University and other private universities after completing his M.S. within the falling of Taliban regime and engendering democracy in 2002, he returned to Afghanistan and based on the commitment that he had for his motherland, he started to teach mathematics in Kabul University. Teaching has been an important factor of his life. He has been one of the legend Kankor committee members who started computerized examination system for Kankor. Along with other academic activities he has been involved in, he developed teachers self-learning DVDS and made them available for the science-lovers. In 2005, he established mathematicians association. He devel View Details
  • Wahabuddin Sadaat

    Board Member

    Prior to working with the government of Afghanistan, Mr. Wahabuddin Sadaat has worked several years in United Nation World Food Program (WFP), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and provided humanitarian and development assistance in Afghanistan, Pakistan and for short period of time in some African countries. Mr. Sadaat Board member of Afghan Telecom has written a comprehensive document on improving Municipal Governance in Kabul as his Master’s Degree dissertation. Despite his work Mr. Sadaat has attended several national and international seminars and travelled to more than twenty countries on official business. View Details
  • Ahmad Shafiq Qarizada

    Board Member

    His achievements are appreciable in different positions. He worked as an internal audit, monitoring and evaluation general director and strategic implementation acting deputy minister in the Ministry of Finance, coordinator Education quality improvement program and head of Education infrastructure program, senior program advisor to the Minister of Education and head of national literacy programs in the Ministry of Education. He remained as a senior program advisor to the Minister and task Manager Microfinance Investment Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA), Assistant Country Director (Head of Promotion of Sustainable Livelihood Unit), Senior National Coordinator for Project Services of United N View Details
  • Dr.Najibullah Wardak

    Board Member

    Since 2001 Dr. Najibullah Wardak Board member of Afghan Telecom has worked “hands on” in Afghanistan development programs, in the private, for profit sector; the NGO sector; public sector and a long term consultant on USAIDfunded economic growth initiatives.Dr. Wardak is skilled in policy dialogue; institutional reform, economical, legal and land related issues; as well as in legislative processes. View Details

    Deputy Minister Technical

    His Excellency (H.E) Syed Ahmad Shah Sadaat son of Syed Zahir Shah born in 1971 in Qala-e-Shahi Village of Darainoor district of Ningarhar, Afghanistan. H.E Sadaat belongs to the Sadaat tribe of Kunar province, Afghanistan. H.E has his International Bachelorette certificate from Syed Jamaludin Afghan High School. Later in 1988 he went to United Kingdom for further education and got his first degree in electronics engineering from university in Oxford. H.E studies his first master degree MSc in Satellites and Radio Engineering in King’s College University of London in 1997. Beside this he also obtained his post-graduation certificate in telecom from the university in Oxford. In 2015 he obtai View Details

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