Afghan Telecom Corporation was incorporated in 24 September 2005

Afghan Telecom Corporation was incorporated in 24 September 2005 to provide unified telecommunication services throughout Afghanistan under the stewardship of Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.
Accordingly, Afghan Telecom adopted a challenging program aiming to transform its business from government system to the recognized commercial business standards. The company has developed clear strategies focusing on internal re-organization, re-skilling and development of its staff, enhancement of its internal processes and studying its customers' needs and requirements while continuing carrying out its national and social duties and responsibilities. Afghan Telecom Corporation is the leading national provider of telecommunication services in Afghanistan. The company is working continuously to fulfill and satisfy the market requirements, keeping pace with the emerging technologies in the telecommunications sector and satisfying the customer's needs. Afghan Telecom Corporation understands that the world is changing very fast & rapid and telecommunication is the only medium which can adapt to the changing times. Afghan Telecom is the pioneer in implementing new telecommunication services in Afghanistan & a leader in the Afghanistan telecommunication market. The role & use of telecommunications is significant for the development of the people & the country. Believing in the importance of its customers and fulfillment of their needs, Afghan Telecom Corporation is constantly adopting different Strategies that aim to support and re-enforce its competitive position. Based on its strategy, Afghan Telecom strives to enhance customer- oriented culture in all its business aspects & modus - operandi. This culture has been reflected in the organizational design of the company that comprises the best expertise in the Management level, a number of Functional Departments and Four Key Business development & Sales Units focused on the Key Afghan Telecom Customer Categories & sale points.
During these years, Afghan Telecom has gone beyond its local borders to the international markets, forming a network of businesses to international carriers with the OFC backbone with the total project length 7,500 Km in Afghanistan. 


“To provide reliable & latest telecommunication services at affordable rates for the people of Afghanistan through fiber optic, Salaam 3G network, wire line telephones network, VCN, and providing the high capacity of internet bandwidth all over the country.”


 “To emerge as the leading telecom operator in the country & to provide telecommunication services & be updated with the latest advancements in the field of telecommunication services for the people of Afghanistan.”


 “To be entrusted with every Afghan for continuously providing the latest telecommunication services at affordable price.”

Corporate Values

To lead the constantly evolving world of telecommunications, we at Afghan Telecom/Salaam adhere uncompromisingly to our corporate values comprising:

  • Integrity in our internal and external dealings.
  • Transparency in our services minus any package restrictions.
  • Customer friendly to cater to our customers anytime any wherein Afghanistan.
  • Innovation in our service offerings to stay at the helm of telecom business.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility to uplift the society and promote CSR practices in Afghanistan.

Afghan Telecom

For Land Line Users Dial Our Toll Free No.(333)  Or Dial(020 333 0 333) From other National Network Operators.

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