Announcement of the decision to award the contract!
It is hereby announced to the public, pursuant to paragraph (2) of Article 43 of the procurement law, that the Afghan Telecom telecommunications company intends to award the procurement project contract (digital offset printing) to Kappel Group Company, the holder of license number D- 27635, located on road 11, Taimani, district 10, Kabul-Kabul center, at a minimum price of 6,805,300 (six million eight hundred and five thousand three hundred) Afghani and a maximum of 8,083,500 (eight million and eighty three thousand five hundred) ) to give Afghani.
Real and legal persons who have any objection in this regard can submit their objection in writing along with the reasons for seven calendar days from the date of publication of the notice to the Procurement Directorate of the Afghan Telecom Telecommunications Company according to the provisions of Article 50 of the Procurement Law.
This notification does not mean the conclusion of a contract, and the contract will not be concluded until the above-mentioned deadline is completed and during the following legal procedures.

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