Afghan Telecom E1 Links Internet 

E1 service is used for the PABX system, which is able to establish internal and external communications in the offices.

E1 connects two networks based on different protocols such as: PRI-SIP and No7, etc., each protocol has different specifications and layers, and in general, each of them can be easily selected for the transmission of voice traffic.

E1 services are provided by Afghan Telecom Company, which can be connected through optical fiber cable and microwave system, which are available with different capacities from 8-1000 ports. E1 services can be used only in ministries, foreign institutions, international offices, banks and call centers.Note: The customer is responsible for providing microwave and PABX equipment and other expenses, and Afghan Telecom Company will only be responsible for providing services.

Benefits of using E1/ PABX

  • Occupies little space.
  • Its internal communication is free.
  • Maintenance of the device and networking is easy.
  • It has more privacy in conversations.
  • It can be easily expanded if needed.
  • PABX telephone numbers are 3 to 4 digits and can be memorized easily.
  • In the section of internal and external calls, restrictions can be imposed on any telephone number.
  • In case of a technical problem in the device, its repair or replacement requires a lower cost.

Media Connectivity:

  1. Optical fiber 
  2. Microwave 
  3. Satellite 

E1/PABX Call Rate:

E1/PABX Internal Calls Free
On-Net Calls Digifone & Salaam Networks 0.99 AFN/Min
Off-Net Calls Other local operators (Roshan, etisalat, AWCC & MTN) 2.5 AFN/Min
International Calls Based on the international call rates