Fixed line (Digital Phone) is an exclusive product of Afghan Telecom Corporation which is being used for calls and internet services. This product provides its services through a digital Number and a telephone set, the benefits & excellence of fixed line (digital phone) over other telecommunication networks are as follows.

1. Fixed line (Digital Phone) receives its signal from Line, so it never interrupts during the Communication.
2. Fixed line (Digital Phone) can be used everywhere, even it gives services underground.
3. Fixe line (Digital Phone) calling charges are low.
4. Fixed line (Digital Phone) is a Value to the office and home.
5. Fixed line (Digital Phone) is a guaranteed safe in terms of health.
6. Fixed line (Digital Phone) provides unlimited Monthly internet with low charges.
7. Fixed line (Digital Phone) Machine, doesn’t require any electricity to power on.
8. Fixed line (Digital Phone) is well facilitated with IVR system (Voice Services) 24/7. And all the customers can easily access to the customer care through IVR system.
9. Fixed line (Digital Phone) is easily transferrable to any location as per the requirement of the customers.
10. Fixed line (Digital Phone) has launched the IMS Technology through which customers are able to make video calls with IMS Machines. This services is possible only with Afghan Telecom.
11. For further information call to 333/020-3330333