IMS is the latest technology which transmits video along with voice though SIP protocol, furthermore, this technology is the updated technology and getting more popular day by day throughout world. By launching of this new products and technology, the customer is able to have the facility of seeing the visual of communicators during communication without any single interruption. People utilizing Skype for interview and some other relevant purposes, but not guaranteed for good video and sound quality, Once IMS being utilized in Afghanistan, now people is strongly suggested and guaranteed in using IMS for official occasions and enjoying the clear voice videos in their offices. Afghan Telecom is going to bring a fibulas and successful stories of IMS in Afghanistan for the first time.






Call Rates

Call Type

IMS Phone


0.99 AFN/Min

Audio & Video

Fixed Line & Salaam

0.99 AFN/Min


Other Local Operators

2.2 AFN/Min


International Numbers

Based on fixed line normal call rates